Just Another Way

 Adam Land

Just Another Way

The Van

Whether you share a life consuming obsession with anything van related or if your just interested in  seeing what it takes I hope I can share some of the knowledge I gained along the way. 

I bought the van at the start of 2016 from a nice man in Reading for £1700, a great price which was achieved in no small part to the seller having food poisoning on the test drive.  I then spent the next 3 months, with my head down and caffiene intake sky rocketing, tearing out all of the insides and fitting everything I needed to live comfortably in a space not much bigger than most peoples downstairs toilets. The threat of homelessness looming actually became a huge benefit in the form of motivation.

In an effort to use as many recycled materials as possible I begain to spend more and more time rooting through skips and in fact began to feel more at home when knee deep in rock wool and broken procelin than I did inside a house.

After some well needed TLC...

It was also important to create a space which was enjoyable to hang out in, especially in Europe when it gets properly cold and sad in the winter. For inspiration I dug deep into my mind for what it was that I needed and after much deliberating over pints at the pub, realised that the pub was a pretty good starting point. With this in mind I set about trying to make a cosy feeling public house inside what is essentially a rusty yellow box on wheels.

I enjoy working on the van enormously and have learnt so much from the process that can be applied all over my life. It requires such a broad range of skills that it forces you to never stop learning. Work continues on the van and I don't think it will ever be truely finnished, and for that I am very glad.